Puslinch taxes

Dear Editor:

I find it interesting that our municipal politicians believe that their constituents are stupid or not paying attention. Most people realize that the next election is fall of 2022; therefore there will be one more budget (after 2020) that the public will see and needless to say, the increase will probably be something close to inflation so that the electorate will be happy and the mayor and council will all be reelected.

In Puslinch we have an increase this year of 3.7% with several large big-ticket items. I find it interesting that in Puslinch, with a population of about 7,500 people, we have a need (in the year 2020) for the following pieces of equipment: a rescue truck at $520,000, new dump truck at $155,000, new backhoe at $137,000, new breathing masks and cylinders at $162,550, and new soccer fields at $228,295.

Maybe I am just cynical and all this equipment just wore out at the same time and many of these expenses could not be delayed to next year, but I am sure the mayor and council will learn how the electorate really feels in the fall of 2022.

John Bossie,

*Editor’s note: Current municipal councils will pass two more budgets (2021 and 2022) prior to the 2022 election – not one.