‘Prioritize what’s right’

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my concern and disappointment regarding the recent voting decision made by Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong.

While Mr. Chong has commendably advocated against authoritarianism and championed democracy in his capacity as shadow minister of foreign affairs, his decision to vote along party lines with his Conservative caucus and vote against the Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement raises questions.

Contrary to the anticipated support for a policy aimed at fostering increased trade between Canada and Ukraine, Mr. Chong’s vote appears to deviate from his established stance against authoritarian regimes.

It is perplexing why he would vehemently oppose China but not extend support to Ukraine during a critical period of conflict with Russia.

In the past, conservatives prided themselves on Canada standing up to totalitarian dictatorships. The recent shift in stance, exemplified by Mr. Chong’s vote, raises concerns about the consistency of guiding principles within this political faction.

In the realm of foreign affairs, we require representatives who exhibit leadership, unwavering commitment to democracy, and adherence to principled decision-making.

It is essential that our leaders prioritize what is right over partisan considerations.

John Mifsud,