Poor campaign conduct

Dear Editor:

I am so disappointed with the People’s Party of Canada in our community. As I was going to vote at the Elora Community Centre last Saturday I was confronted by around 20 people campaigning for the PPC party in the parking lot of the community centre. I had to walk right past them. From what I know of election rules, no party is allowed to campaign on the election centre property.

The next disappointment came when an election official tried to politely request that they move off the property and some campaigners gave him a hard time about it and were quite rude.

This is not what I expect in a Canadian election, and has a big negative effect on the process. I expect better from any party and as I said before, I am extremely disappointed with the PPC party.

Paul Dekking,

*Editor’s note: Wellington-Halton Hills PPC candidate Syl Carle told the Advertiser the event was not organized by him or his party, there was “no confrontation with any individual,” and all those in attendance “complied with directives as required” once informed of the rules by an Elections Canada official.