Pet cash grab?

Dear Editor:

It bothers me greatly that the proposed Centre Wellington bylaw regulating cat licensing ignores pet owners who have their pets microchipped already.

It appears to be a cash grab, to then ask owners to also pay for licensing. The purpose of licensing is to be able to return lost pets to their owners. Microchipping already does that. Licensing is redundant.

A sense of dread comes over me to think that my privacy in my home will be invaded when a limit is placed on the number of cats owners can keep. I resent being told what I can do in my home.

Licensing cats is one more attack on our freedoms; to think “Big Brother” (government) now would demand to keep track of my animals in my home. It is rare that they would find a hoarding situation. Pet owners are responsible people, by and large.

Wild animals living amongst us, like rats, raccoons, skunks, bats, coyotes, foxes can’t be regulated by licensing, yet these animals can carry diseases such as rabies that harm humans. Our pets rarely transmit disease to humans. So what is to be gained by licensing our pets?

People want their homes to be their sanctuary, where they can breathe – not be shackled with more legislation. It is going to make criminals out of pet owners who refuse to license their pet out of strongly held beliefs that this is wrong; the township has gone too far.

Go on the “Elora Community Share” Facebook site and read for yourself that in over 150 posts, the vast majority of citizens feel microchipping is enough for both cats and dogs to get them returned home, should they escape or get lost.

Thank you for considering the opinions I have put forth.

Jan Corbett,