‘Offering kindness’

Dear Editor:

While driving along Wellington Road 18 at Gerrie Road recently, my husband and I spotted a crow with a bad wing.

My husband got out of the car with a blanket while I drove home to grab a cat carrier. Within 15 minutes, we’d managed to collect and contain the poor beauty.

We called the Guelph Humane Society (which assists orphaned/injured wildlife in our area) and were shocked to learn that they knew the crow we were calling about!

It turns out, a concerned woman had already attempted to catch the bird herself, but with no luck. So on the chance that this woman reads this paper as avidly as I do: I want you to know that the crow’s injury is considered treatable and they are now with a licensed wildlife rehabilitator — this is not a common outcome for wild birds with wing injuries.

Thank you so much for offering kindness to a fellow creature in need.

Shannon Kornelsen,