‘No responsibility’

Dear Editor:

RE: Protestors from Toronto stand with Arthur gym defying lockdown rules, Jan. 7.

I read with interest your article about the gym in Arthur that has refused to close despite the province’s order to do so. I do not condemn his decision to violate the order, nor do I condemn the decision of individuals to protest.

I do however question why they choose to not participate in local, provincial and federal attempts to control and lessen the threat of the coronavirus. Perhaps they would rather we follow the American experience. Here is what we would face using their efforts: recent data shows Canadian deaths at 45.7/100,000 whereas American deaths are 112.7/100,000.

If we were to have followed the American experience of “First Amendment rights to self determination to health care” our death numbers would not be 16,753 but 41,212 people (numbers at the time of data collection). Is this what Mitchell Hewison is trying to achieve? If so, he demonstrates absolutely no responsibility to the community he has chosen to conduct business in.

A closing thought: he questions why Costco is allowed to remain open while he has to close. Costco sells groceries; essential foods like bread, milk, meat, fruits and vegetables. If we cannot buy food for survival, why would we need a gym?

Bob Houston,