No need for speaker

Dear Editor:

On Sept. 9 at about 4pm I attended the COVID-19 testing facility at the old Groves hospital in Fergus.

I was third in the queue and waited the appropriate distance as per the signage indicated; a facial mask and hand sanitizer was provided.

As the receptionist posed a series of questions each and every utterance could be heard via a speaker being utilized. The respondent answers could be heard as well due to the individual raising the volume in their voice.

As I arrived, I commented to the receptionist that confidentiality certainly lacked, the receptionist responded “we tell people to keep their distance.”

As I was waiting apart from the signage at no time did anyone present themselves to provide any information.

I was directed to the waiting area and again was privie to the Q & A. As my test was being completed by the nurse this location was in a secure room with the door closed.

The speaker should immediately be placed in abeyance to provide confidentiality and privacy.

The receptionist and nurse were professional in the discharge of their duties.

Robert Plamondon,
Mount Forest