Medication plan

Dear Editor:

I need you and your friends employers to call your MPP and tell them how the OHIP+ excludes those that collect Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPPD) benefit.

Why should  a person 24 or under get free STD medication or medical marijuana for free when people on CPPD benefit have to pay for their diabetic glaucoma blood pressure and all other medications?

I went to the drugstore today to pick up my meds. The cost is $169 and change. I told them to keep them because they are not in my budget, while 24 and under get all their meds for free no matter of income or parents income.

My doctor told me his kids get free meds. Is that right? Nobody I have spoken to will stick their necks out to support this cause. I have a lot to lose by me sticking my neck, my health out. This year I have had enough. Please send emails and call. Use my name.

Albert Copeman,
Wellington North