Mailbag 07/12/23

Energy storage

Dear Editor:

RE: WFA concerned about energy storage facilities on rural land, Nov. 30.

I don’t understand why these energy storage facilities can’t be placed adjacent to existing Hydro One distributions sites such as Fergus transformer station on Wellington Road 29 and or the 230kV transmission terminus point in former Pilkington Township. 

By doing this it will only add to the already existing utility-zoned areas. These private companies, I believe are only looking for the most cost effective way to build, be it on prime agricultural lands. When they draw load from transmission grid for battery storage it goes back into the transmission grid when required.

It does not benefit the community directly, but indirectly to the region as a whole.

David Barker,

Communism fears

Dear Editor:

As we know from Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong’s problems with China’s election interference, China’s communist rulers are not a good entity to work with, so it is very dangerous to rely on them for saving the Earth from crisis climate change.

The COP meetings agreements on climate are just going to make the west more vulnerable to China’s goal of world domination. 

Do we want to live like the Chinese people, having the government bossing us around every minute of every day, not having freedom of speech, assembly or any of the other freedoms we take for granted?

Rare earths, the majority of which are mined in or controlled by China, are necessary to manufacture solar panels, wind turbines and especially electric vehicle batteries, the very things our leaders at COP are relying on to stop carbon emissions. 

Mining these rare earths requires strip mining which western countries don’t want to do as it is very damaging to the environment – but China’s leaders do not care about their environment or the damage done to their citizens from pollution. They see domination in the supply of rare earths as a power tool over the west which is foolishly putting us at their mercy.

The west needs to get rare earths from somewhere else … like our own backyard. Unless the west gets out from under China’s thumb we remain in far more danger from being taken over by communists than from a warming climate.

Jane Vandervliet,

Parade fun in Fergus

Dear Editor:

Well, the weather on Dec. 2 improved into a nice day for a parade, and boy was it ever.

Working from behind the lines, so to speak, the Fergus Santa Claus Parade had a really good turnout of floats and walking groups. Kudos to the young entrepreneur of Rainbow Ice Cream – this young lady was tops! Following the Grand 101 Cruiser and the food bank van, she was the lead off float entry, peddling her ice cream bicycle cart all the way.

The parade participants were lively, enthusiastic and ready for a good show – and comments from the viewers seemed to be very positive – we had a great parade!

My thanks to the Wellington OPP and Centre Wellington Fire and Rescue for their involvement, the Legion Colour Party and the Fergus Pipe Band for leading the way, and the many volunteers who assisted me in the staging area, or manned the street barricades.

It takes a lot of volunteer help to make this event a success. Thanks to the organizing committee (your local service clubs in Centre Wellington) and especially to you, the residents and visitors, who came out to enjoy the parade. 

A very Merry Christmas to all.

Brian Martin, marshal,
Fergus Santa Claus Parade

Puslinch parade

Dear Editor:

The Optimist Club of Puslinch would like to thank all of the sponsors, volunteers and community members who came together to make this year’s Puslinch Santa Clause Parade a huge success!  

The weather on Nov. 26 held off just long enough for the parade, including the marching bands, horses, cute little elves, friendly clowns, a grumpy Grinch and a very jolly Santa to make it down to the shelter of the ORC!  

Inside, excited children shared their Christmas wishes with Santa while the community warmed up with hot chocolate and hotdogs.  Neighbours mingled while the band played festive carols. 

 It was a joyous atmosphere and a wonderful way to “Unwrap the Magic of Christmas.”

As a result of the parade, a donation of 653 pounds of food was delivered to the foodbank and $1,000 in gift cards were donated to the Adopt-a-Family program.

This wonderful event is made possible through the generous support of our local businesses, organizations, and community members.  Please thank them and support them when you can (listed below).

A Change of Pace Restaurant; Aberfoyle Snomobiles Ltd.; Benson Tire; Blue Triton Brands; Carl Bousfield; Brennan’s Tire Service Inc.; Bryan’s Farm & Industrial Supply; C.K. Vernon Construction; Capital Paving Inc.; County of Wellington roads department; DLP Heavy Haul Inc.; Dar Max Inc.; Don Davidson; Dr. Abraham Aho Veterinary Professional; Farley Manufacturing Inc.; Great Wall Restaurant; Hammond Power Solutions; Henry Deter; Ken Tosh; Michael’s Mobile Truck & Trailer Repairs; North America Construction Ltd.; OPP; Robert Hammond; Reefer Sales & Service Inc.; Shar-A-Tree Christmas Trees;  Township of Puslinch; Township of Puslinch fire department; Victoria Park East & Valley Golf Club; Vinnie’s Mr. Fixit Inc.; Wall-Custance Funeral Home Ltd.; and Wellington Systems Inc.

Congratulations to June Williams, the 2023 parade committee and the Optimist Club of Puslinch on another very successful event. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Catherine Featherston,
Parade committee, Puslinch

‘Get going’

Dear Editor:

Is the COP28 climate summit either a con or a complete waste of time? The fact that it is being held in Dubai, a city built with wealth from fossil fuels seems ironical. Another simple fact is that fossil fuels need to be replaced with renewables and the renewables need to available to the whole planet. Talking will not be the answer – actions will be. Get going.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia