‘Lending a hand’

Dear Editor:

I do not know the owners or anyone that works for Larry Hudson, the Chev, Buick, GMC dealer in Listowel, but what a good group of folks they must be.

I noticed and inquired with the Advertiser about the series of large two-page spreads they ran at the end of 2020 (and continue to run in the Advertiser’s sister publication, The North Wellington Community News).  In it they sponsored (a nice way of saying paid for) space for 12 local businesses to advertise themselves in a fairly large ad in full colour. The local businesses that took part when you reviewed them would be all I suspect greatly affected by the pandemic.

Having a larger business step up and assist those other challenged businesses in their community is really commendable. It drives home two points: that we are truly in this together and that private enterprise and not a total reliance on the government can assist us in these times as well.

If Larry Hudson Chev, Buick, GMC feels this way about assisting and helping their community I would think that they would be great to deal with if you are going to be in the market for a vehicle in 2021.

There have been all kinds of local examples of people and businesses lending a hand and this is a great sample of that spirit.  Thanks.

Jeff Duncan,
Wellington County councillor, Erin