Legacy forest project

Dear Editor:

This past spring has been a challenging one for weather but the Trees for Mapleton committee is continuing to work on the Paul Day Legacy Forest and have so far planted 1,510 trees this year in addition to the 2,025 trees we planted last year.

It has been a community effort with help from Drayton Heights Public School, Palmerston Public School, the Norwell CELP students, the Girl Guides from Alma and Drayton, Green Legacy, Township of Mapleton and GRCA.

In the Paul Day Legacy Forest, we hope to plant 10,527 trees to represent all the residents of our township, but the benefit of the trees is really for everyone as they enhance our environment and provide a place for people to enjoy nature.

Our committee had so much fun on May 11 with the Girl Guides and CELP students as we worked to plant the trees. For the kids who go to the Green Legacy nursery to do tree work, they really enjoy getting to plant those seedlings in the ground.

We are planning a Community Tree Plant on Oct. 19th and are looking for individuals and groups to help us. If we know ahead if people are interested in planting, then we can organize more trees to plant and reach our goals sooner.

If you are interested in helping, mark the date on the calendar and contact samisre@highspeedfx.net for more details. A big thanks on behalf of the committee.

Liz Samis,