‘Ironic’ criticism

Dear Editor:

RE: Media money, July 11.

Jane Vandervliet encourages the withering away of the CBC and traditional media. Ironically, she was able to share her opinion via a traditional media source, The Wellington Advertiser. She would have us learn the news via the internet.

It’s true that the CBC and some media need public funds to remain strong. In part, this is the result of the internet draining advertising dollars, while not being taxed itself.

Ms. Vandervliet might want to rely on the internet for her news and opinions, but she is naive if she believes it is consistently reliable and honest.

False news reports, often published by people with a hidden agenda, are prevalent on the ‘net.  People who would cheer the end of democracy, as we know and value it, are behind much of this.

John Liss,
Eden Mills