Intersection issues

Dear Editor:

Within the past few weeks the public works department undertook some pavement reconstruction at the corner of Geddes and Colborne Streets in Elora. It was two corners on the east side, not the two corners near the post office and the cenotaph.

There is provincial legislation regarding tactile walking surface indicators to be placed at new and reconstructed intersections. When questioned why the indicators were not installed, I was advised because they did not reconstruct the two corners across the road.

I was advised, by public works management, that they would not install indicators until they did all four corners at some unknown time in the future. What a setback to the sight challenged and disabled citizens of Elora and our visitors. They could easily have installed the indicator plates while the concrete was wet, but chose not to.

Disabled persons are forever fighting for government support and legislation, then this happens. All this for the price of the tactile plates – is this really a budget constraint on the shoulders of the disabled. We ask why?

John Podmore,