Integrity important

Dear Editor:

From the information I’ve read recently, it looks like most Ontarians do not support PC legislation that reduces our “Greenbelt” and further “privatizes” our health care system.

These are important issues that will negatively affect our province for years to come. During our next provincial election please remember Doug Ford’s agenda would not have been possible without the willing support of each Conservative member of parliament.

And yes, I do know how the “party” system works. However, on issues such as these, integrity, and doing what is right, must come before party loyalty, and supporting Doug Ford’s personal agenda.

Before you vote for local candidates like Ted Arnott (Wellington–Halton Hills), Mike Harris  (Kitchener/Conestoga), Matthew Rae (Perth–Wellington), Brian Riddell (Cambridge), Jess Dixon (Kitchener/South Hespeler) or Todd McCarthy (Durham), I ask you to consider the integrity of each candidate.

Gary Scapinello,