‘Heartbroken forever’

Dear Editor:

RE: Here4Hope works to offer hope to those in need across Wellington County, Jan. 30.

In this article Cecilia Marie Roberts states “we need to help everyone to understand that suicide is preventable.”

This is a statement used to inspire people to spread awareness.

It is presented as the truth, but it is really only a hope, a possibility. Hearing that “suicide is preventable” can bring endless guilt and blame to the survivors.

No one is immune to suicide. Never give up hope that people can be saved from suicide, but also be aware that you can’t always save a life.

You can’t always save a life – raise awareness for this also. Help survivors with their wretched guilt and grief. They carry the pain forever. The pain was transferred to them.

With every second, every day, every beat of their heart they are heartbroken forever. They carry grief, trauma and are often blamed.

I speak from first hand experience. My husband died by suicide on Nov. 27, 2015. He was 61 years young.

Susan Rooyakkers,