Harmful policies

Dear Editor:

Two things. My sister and I laughed out loud in response to the article titled,” local piper addresses noise complaints with sign campaign”. Don’t the piper’s neighbours realize they live in Fergus, a Scottish town? Where all things Scottish are celebrated, and that includes playing the bagpipes?

In our youth, Clayton Bridge, who lived a street over from us in Fergus, played his bagpipes in his backyard often, which lulled us to sleep at night. I think we were a kinder bunch back then.

Patience seems in short supply when cussing, and airhorns are used. Sad too, are the stones hurled at Justin Trudeau, and signs that read ***k Trudeau were waved, and yes, a Kitchener man was charged by the police for those criminal actions. The mobs that wave those flags and spew those disrespectful phrases, seem to be made up of mostly those under 40; The “whatever it is I’m against it crowd” I call them. I have voted Liberal for Melanie Lang. It matters to me that women’s reproductive rights are not threatened as they are with the Conservatives (and men’s reproductive rights and responsibilities aren’t even mentioned), that assault type weapons stay banned, that Canada moves away from fossil fuels and toward sustainable alternatives.

I’m shocked to know the Conservatives don’t even acknowledge a climate crisis. The proof of it is around us, as Lytton BC burned to the ground, after enduring 45 degree Celsius days, wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes are more frequent, as is flooding. The resulting loss of lives is terrible, and much more. It matters to me that Canada retains our healthcare system. One system for the rich, and one system for the rest of us has been touted by the Conservatives I believe.

I praise Justin Trudeau for leading Canada during this COVID crisis. It’s easy to hurl abuse at Trudeau, much harder to do the work. I hope that voters take the time to review each political party’s platform, and make an informed choice. Don’t make the mistake of voting for politicians with policies that will harm you.

Janice Corbett,