Greenbelt greed

Dear Editor:

The Greenbelt has never been more at risk than it is now! 

Ford actually called the “so-called Greenbelt”  a “scam.” He has again succeeded in reducing something precious to its investment value. Well, he and his friends can’t take their money with them. 

But we can give our children and grandchildren what has been their heritage forever; the natural world, places where they can run after rabbits, catch pollywogs, be amazed by the magic of lightning bugs, and spend quality time with their feet in a cool running stream in the woods. 

Instead, they will put their bare feet on concrete, dodge traffic, breathe polluted air and only read books about the natural world untainted by greed. 

Experts have stated that there is enough land designated now, without the Greenbelt, to accommodate housing in our area until 2051! 

So what is the motivation to turn fields of wildflowers into asphalt parking lots for big box stores and fast food places, their dumpsters full of garbage, not to mention the loss of good clean ground water?


Gerry Walsh,