Going Green

Dear Editor:

RE: Scheer agony, July 26

I agree with Jan Corbett, that if the Conservatives led by Andrew Scheer form the next government, Canadians will suffer consequences similar to that of a lot of Ontarians under Doug Ford.

The Conservatives had a chance to choose Michael Chong as the leader to remain a progressive party, but instead chose the same tired, non-inclusive, right wing philosophy of Stephen Harper, and elected Andrew Scheer.

In the past, Michael Chong has done an excellent job of representing the interests of his constituents, but under Scheer, has been pushed to the sidelines where his voice is no longer heard.

Regretfully, I can no longer support Michael in the upcoming election, because a vote for him is a vote for the Reformers/Conservatives. The Green Party‘s platform and our riding’s candidate, Ralph Martin, looks like an excellent choice to move this country forward.

Ron Moore,