Give women respect

Dear Editor:

RE: Preserve plaques, Keep plaques, and Men not evil, Jan. 31.

The association with evil and men was not my inference, I’ll have you know. And I didn’t ask the editor to highlight that. 

Maybe it was my reference and in particular the verb, “ditching” the plaques that got some readers upset.

Well, evil is what evil does … and to date, history books are filled to the brim with evidence that men do way more evil stuff than women. Like 98% more. Another subject –  yikes, not going there.

So yeah, don’t be forgetting women folk on the plaques making up our community, and please give them respect in their titles. 

Plaques love egos. Egos love plaques, don’t they?

Also, there’s no need to destroy beautiful heritage homes or start hating thy neighbour of a different gender. Rather, get it right when rejoicing the homesteaders that first settled here on home plaques.

Or better yet, don’t. Take in the historic architectural charm for all it is and leave it at that. Or, make up your own historic home plaque, regardless of age. Hmmm….

Rachel Bernstein,