Give them shelter

Dear Editor:

I am a Grade eight student at John Black Public School, and I am writing to you to tell you how much Fergus is desperately in need of an animal shelter. 

Animal shelters make sure that the pet population is controlled and that animals are being treated respectfully. Animal shelters are extremely important because they offer care for animals that are sick, neglected, abandoned and/or wounded. 

Fergus has a large problem (especially in rural areas) with people dumping pets on the side of the road when they no longer want them. Domesticated animals have a terribly low survival rate out in the wild, and can cause major problems to civilians when they wander off on to other properties or public roads. 

“Several times I have been driving and see an abandoned dog or cat running along the side of the road, it makes me so sad to see their skinny, wounded bodies. I don’t have the proper tools or training to try and catch them and help them, and no one else seems to bother, I have also almost driven off the road and crashed my car trying to avoid cats running across the street, this problem is becoming dangerous,” says Isabell Berry, a local farm owner. 

Many civilians have agreed that if an animal shelter was closer, then they would be much more willing to take the time to bring stray animals to a shelter.

We are in urgent need of an animal shelter in Fergus. Let’s raise awareness and make it a priority.

Charlottte Berry,

Centre Wellington