Full of feces

Dear Editor:

The Elora Greenspace has developed into a wonderful part of our community for residents and visitors alike. I see however that some Elora residents do not respect this treasure in the heart of our village.

While waiting for popcorn pick up at the cinema recently, I was horrified when I looked around. Now that the snow is melting, it became obvious that the Greenspace has been turned into a dog park. The evidence of owners not picking up after their dogs over the winter months is everywhere.

Do these dog owners think it is acceptable to leave mounds of dog feces in this previously pristine location?  Do they think it is “okay” to not pick up after their dog as the snow will cover it over?  What about small children playing in the park?  What about visitors, whose first impression of Elora is often the Greenspace, where many photos are taken?

I suggest that those dog owners who have used the park in this way over the winter, take a bag, go to the Greenspace, and do what is right.

Ian Evans,