Fantastic frontline folks

Dear Editor:

We have all become familiar with “thanks for frontline workers” on the TV, radio and signs around the countryside, but one doesn’t fully appreciate the sentiment until experienced first hand.

I recently spent time in Guelph General Hospital receiving operations on both legs, including a femoral bypass on one. The day following surgery, I was quickly returned to the OR, when part of the incision opened and heavy bleeding occurred. It was repaired, but I required 4 units of blood!

My sincere thanks to the doctors, medical practitioners, blood takers, medication and meal bringers, physiotherapists, cleaners and post-op home care – but in particular, the nursing staff.

Whilst constantly wearing masks, they treated me with care and attention as if I was the only one there, even though hundreds were being cared for 24/7, many of whom were in worse shape than I, but they still maintained a sense of humour.

There are far too many to thank individually, but you know who you are. Now I can sincerely say, “Thank you front line workers.” Bless you all!

Barry Swanson,
Wellington North