‘Failed miserably’

Dear Editor:

The coward we call our prime minister only needed to meet with a representative group of truckers in Ottawa, and hear and address their grievances. That was the clearly stated objective right from the beginning.

Instead, he opted to seize donated funds, freeze/seize bank accounts, and use intimidation and force to subdue an already peaceful (although admittedly unorthodox) protest.

Why were the enforcers unidentifiable by the protesters? Why have automatic weapons and heavily armoured mounted enforcers to quell an unarmed and peaceful group of protesters?  These are tactics used in extreme authoritarian regimes, not in peace-loving and democratic Canada.

Unfortunately as Canadians, we have wholeheartedly bought into a belief that our governments are primarily benevolent by nature, when in fact the exact opposite has been happening, especially over the past eight years.  

There is no such thing as a benevolent government, only varying degrees of malevolence, and given the willingness to consider instituting the Emergencies Act, let alone enacting it, is a very real indication of just how malevolent our government actually is.

The outcome declared by Justice Paul Rouleau, is not surprising in my opinion, given the admission of anything else would be unthinkable. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did uphold the letter of his oath, in that he did enforce peace, order and good government. However, the implied oath, which I believe we expect from our government is peace order and good moral government. 

On that oath, Trudeau failed miserably.

Wayne Baker,