Energy, beer stores

Dear Editor:

I am writing this to say that Premier Doug Ford has said that he is promoting “clean nuclear  energy.” That is an oxymoron as there is more long-term harm from nuclear waste than any other form of energy as far as I have heard. It is a problem to find a safe way to store the waste for thousands of years so the effects will be for future generations … The clean energy would be wind, sun and water. Why are we not looking at those more?

The closing of beer stores will also have repercussions. What happens to all the staff currently employed in the system? What about their pensions and the pensions of retirees and former staff? The Beer Store take care of returns of beer, liquor and wine containers. Where will those be taken if the stores are no more? Will we see more “deposits” on the side of the roads and in farmers’ fields? There are already piles of litter on most roads – a whole new problem for us to consider.

Grace Eisen,
Centre Wellington