Cruelty concerns

Dear Editor:

RE: Bill benefits bad actors, Dec. 26.

I agree completely with what Dr. Mary Dart stated in her letter. To begin, MPP  Randy Pettapiece completely agrees with Bill 156 because he was raised on a farm and obviously wants no change. And this is the type of MPP that is hoped to modernize Ontario.

This is where, again, we see that some MPPs are bowing to the rich and powerful organizations – in this case the agriculture community – rather than listening to the electorate that elected him to office in the first place. I am certain that the average citizen will not tolerate cruelty to animals on farms of any size or during transportation.

As usual, the final decision was probably made in secret, behind close doors, with no unbiased citizens in the room.

For decades animal organizations, with tens of thousands of supporters have called for the government, of all stripes, to monitor all farms and to enforce anticruelty laws, but to no avail. No doubt rejected by MPP supporters like Randy Pettapiece, who believes in a dictatorship realm rather than a democracy.

I do not think, as Dr. Dart has stated, that there are only a few bad operators out there. Because if there were, why would so few ask for such a law if the majority were humane type operators?

Michael Paul,