Crime sure to increase

Dear Editor:

RE: Crime, calls to police remain below pre-pandemic levels in county, Nov. 9.

As a resident of Centre Wellington, it is very nice to hear that crime rates are falling on average. It’s always a good thing to hear that the rates are lower, but I am worried that it is just an outlier of a larger trend.

With Wellington County and its towns getting bigger and bigger, I fear that there will be more crime yet to come. Our peaceful small town will slowly grow into a city, which brings along with it more crime.

Not only is it worrisome that there could be increased crime but it is even more worrisome that the type of crime could be changing. Bigger towns bring with them more drug crime which is never a good thing. Even though this one year has a little bit less drug crime we cannot deny the fact that it is going to increase in the future.

I think that we should be very careful when looking at the stats each year and instead of comparing it only to the year before, we should also be comparing them to multiple years prior to better identify the trends.

This will help to keep citizens and especially law enforcement aware of what types of crime are happening so that they are more prepared. Being better prepared is key to helping keep crime levels low, even in a growing town like Fergus.

Wesley Niezen,