Communism fears

Dear Editor:

As we know from Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong’s problems with China’s election interference, China’s communist rulers are not a good entity to work with, so it is very dangerous to rely on them for saving the Earth from crisis climate change.

The COP meetings agreements on climate are just going to make the west more vulnerable to China’s goal of world domination.

Do we want to live like the Chinese people, having the government bossing us around every minute of every day, not having freedom of speech, assembly or any of the other freedoms we take for granted?

Rare earths, the majority of which are mined in or controlled by China, are necessary to manufacture solar panels, wind turbines and especially electric vehicle batteries, the very things our leaders at COP are relying on to stop carbon emissions.

Mining these rare earths requires strip mining which western countries don’t want to do as it is very damaging to the environment – but China’s leaders do not care about their environment or the damage done to their citizens from pollution. They see domination in the supply of rare earths as a power tool over the west which is foolishly putting us at their mercy.

The west needs to get rare earths from somewhere else … like our own backyard. Unless the west gets out from under China’s thumb we remain in far more danger from being taken over by communists than from a warming climate.

Jane Vandervliet,