Club is inclusive

Dear Editor:

RE: Tennis anyone? (June 6).

To offer an alternate viewpoint, I’d like to describe our experience with the Fergus Tennis Club.

This is my family’s third season as members and I would argue that the club is extremely inclusive, not exclusive as suggested by David Courtney’s letter. I greatly appreciate the extensive efforts made by the volunteers to co-ordinate programs for those of us who are new to the sport. This is especially helpful if one is unsure of rules and etiquette when coming into courts occupied by seasoned players.

My sons are quickly adopting tennis as their favourite sport and with many clinics and events offered free with our annual membership, our $170 (for the whole family) is well spent! The club offers incredibly flexible classes and a tennis pro who is accessible and clearly takes an interest in your enjoyment of the game. There are even many weeks of learn-to-play offered free for non-members.

It is regretful that some may find the courts less user friendly than they used to be; my hope is that those who find themselves displaced by organized programs take recompense from being a member of a club that has a tennis pro and a group of volunteers who are actively trying to spread the love of the sport.   

Catherine Shelton-Galdes,