Clifford cat problem

Dear Editor:

If you are a nature lover, you probably adore every type of weather, plant, flower, squirrel, chipmunk, domestic animal, wild animal, you just adore life.

You care for nature, you pick up garbage along your walks, you recycle, you find ways to help the environment. You enjoy a beautiful backyard surrounded with flowers, hostas, well trimmed shrubs, fruit trees, pine trees, maple trees. You probably hang hand-crafted birdhouses in those branches, hang a hummingbird feeder close to the house, and plant butterfly bushes and milk weed to help increase the monarch butterfly population.

Well, one gentleman in Clifford likes to feed the birds and the little critters and watch them flitter and scamper about his backyard. However, he is getting tired of seeing those adorable little birds and chipmunks pounced upon and killed by stray cats hiding under the bushes in his backyard.

Feral cats seem to be everywhere in Clifford, or are they just in his backyard? Perhaps they are cats who wander the neighbourhood, chase critters, then go home for supper and a dish of warm milk. He laments that there does not appear to be anything to be done about catching and relocating these untamed cats. Dogs are usually on a leash and accompanied by their owner. But cats seem to be a bad problem.

If you have problems with cats or any ideas on how to lessen the problem of unruly cats, leave a comment on the community bulletin board. It would be greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Whitehead,