‘Civilized’ no more

Dear Editor:

Does anyone remember when our federal parliament was a  sanctum of civilized debate? Urbane and reasoned language used to clarify and refine a point was countered with the respectful counterpoint across the aisle.

Today, the blustering accusations and stonewalling in response is a time-consuming cacophony. Even our representative, Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong, seems to have somehow been Poilievrelized as he shouts across the aisle, echoing the behaviour of fellow Conservatives. 

The gist is, “Tell us everything CSIS knows about Chinese spying and meddling.” But, wait! Would that not enable the Chinese to better plan their next moves in messing up future elections?

I’ve thought about how to cool the fever of the loyal opposition and bring everybody back to some form of mature diplomacy. Not sure it would be sufficient, but what about serving up gummy bears during debate?

Arlene Callaghan,