Children need love

Dear Editor:

RE: Students with ‘babies’, Sept. 28.

I think it’s a great idea that schools prepare students to be successful parents when they grow older. Many parents today are not adequately prepared for having children and many parents are very young.

CWDHS is offering a course where students can learn the basics of parenting, including hands-on experience. One might argue that students are only taking this course for an easy credit, but it’s not an easy credit and it’s much more than a credit. It prepares one for the future: once you have one child, you will always be a parent, barring tragedies.

It is really a good thing to see that CWDHS is offering this course. It is also a sad thing, however, to see that this course may be necessary. Shouldn’t good parenting be taught in our homes? Are our homes failing us? Do schools need to take over this fundamental responsibility of parenting? These are all questions that are difficult to answer in today’s day and age and yet they are necessary questions.

Children are fragile and need love. That ability to love does not always come naturally to us, so that’s why it needs to be taught. Whether that be in school or in the home, that knowledge is necessary and useful.

Evan VanWoudenberg,