Bridge entrance

Dear Editor:

RE: The proposed design of the Badley Bridge in Elora.

Being a fourth generation resident of Elora, I have seen bridges come and go, but this time I must speak up.

My recollection from an earlier time was the Victoria Street bridge was the only bridge in town that crossed the Grand River. It was a steel bridge and to me was no big deal other than being a bridge.

What we always called the “new bridge” is the Badley Bridge, a bigger version of the Victoria Street bridge and again a steel bridge. Then some years later a walking bridge was installed near the Bissell dam, a steel bridge as well.

To my mind, we obviously have a tradition of steel bridges in this town. I realize the replacement of the Badley Bridge is a done deal but to me it has a generic style which has nothing whatsoever to do with the town’s character or history. But putting that aside, my larger concern is with the proposed entrance to the south side of the soon-to-be-replacement bridge.

My first reaction when I was shown the drawing was to think someone was kidding me. I have looked and pondered the drawing at great length and for the life of me I cannot think of how it reflects our community.

I realize it says “Elora”, but I am reasonably confident folks entering town have already passed a sign telling them the same thing. Honestly, I can’t see any redeeming quality in the proposed entrance. It appears very cold and unimaginative, especially for a community rich in history and culture. It would seem a very poor representation of a community rich in the arts.

For my part I would prefer that the entrance be scrapped altogether. It would make more sense to just put up a sign saying “Grand River” and worry about an entrance in the future.

Bill Barnes,