‘Attempt for sympathy’

Dear Editor:

RE: Maple Leaf acres: Snowbirds can’t stay here, Nov. 12.

First, I find it deeply offensive that Mr. Dykstra states that people are “attempting to intimidate the vulnerable.” To suggest so is disgusting and nothing more than a deliberate attempt for sympathy and is simply not the case.

The board must comply with various regulatory agencies and government offices in good faith on behalf of all members and must not jeopardize the whole park for the needs of a few.

I believe their decision is both legal and rational and, as a year-round resident, I stand with the board. In the past many members have requested and been denied to overstay their lease based on compassionate grounds, whether they suffered from cancer or were the victim of an accident that left them unable to travel.

The parties noted in the article are portraying themselves as victims, yet they have always known that the seasonal lease is just that, a seasonal lease, and they must have a permanent address/residence outside of the park.

If the sewage issues were to be exacerbated as outlined in the article, is it fair to close the park to other seasonal members in the spring and summer if these problems are not corrected in a timely fashion?

These so-called victims have had the luxury – yes, the luxury – of having a vacation/permanent home in Florida, Costa Rica or other tropical locales and can travel to those locations if they desire.

Alternatively, in the new world of COVID-19, I would suggest they sell their seasonal units and vacation homes and purchase a year round residence in Canada or the country of their choice to ensure they can always have a roof over their head.

I just wanted to note that there are always two sides to every story and those with the loudest voice are not the only ones that need to be heard.

Heather Fitzner,
Centre Wellington