Archived Letter – 1305

Trudeau’s intent to establish Free Trade Agreement with China? Is this what Canadians want? Wynne is also entering into agreements with China in the province. We have warnings about cybernet problems with China already–security issues. Why would we not want to enter into trade agreement with allies of Canada? It is important that if you run a company, that the people on board the company are working united with the company. If we run our country like a company, we would be more selective with who we would take on as a partner to our economy and that would be wisdom. Is Trudeau showing good stewardship with our finances–spending, spending, spending– and with this pursuit of free trade with China? I believe Canadians would make concessions to their standard of living to preserve the way of life that we have in this great country–we just need good leadership from someone who loves Canada and the people of Canada to show us the way. We have everything that is important in this land, resources, water, farming, smart people, skills, industry–freedom. We just very much need to value and preserve it and develop it. What has happened to “made in Canada by Canadians and for Canadians”?
Can our politicians not be more creative than free trade with China?

Carolann Krusky