‘An amazing place’

Dear Editor:

As I wrap my first year at the Centre Wellington Food Bank, I have felt motivated to send a communication to the community. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to join the team that provides this essential service to Centre Wellington and I am continually amazed by the members of our community and the support they provide us.

To our volunteers, thank you for your many hours of time ensuring all runs smoothly at the food bank. Picking up food, unloading, sorting, stocking shelves, portioning items, preparing in the kitchen, cleaning, supporting clients and representing us at food drives are all important roles filled by our awesome volunteers. Their kind, non-judgemental and welcoming approach to anyone who walks through the doors is very much appreciated and a key element to the type of place it is today.

To our donors and supporters, I am humbled by your generosity. Throughout the year, we are helped by individuals, families, clubs, businesses, sports teams, church groups, service organizations, and others in many ways. Monthly donations, one-time donations, event fundraisers, and online donations through Canada Helps are so appreciated and will allow us to continue to serve a growing community with a growing need.

As well, thank you so much for your donations of non-perishable goods. I appreciate the many people and organizations for thinking of the food bank when communicating with customers and clients, for organizing events and parties, or simply for running food drives. I was overwhelmed (in a good way!) throughout the last six weeks of 2023. I received emails and phone calls daily with questions about running a food drive, what the most needed items were, and scheduling times for drop off of items. Amazing!

To our clients, thank you for having the courage to recognize you are struggling and need help with food. Hang in there. It is not easy to walk through our doors and it is often an emotional time for new clients. Typically there is worry, uncertainty, and trepidation when registering followed by relief, hope, and happiness when departing with groceries for their household.

For those in Centre Wellington struggling to make ends meet who have not yet accessed the food bank, please call us, email us or drop in. We can help you through a difficult time.

Centre Wellington is truly an amazing place to live and work. Thank you for looking after each other.

Curt McQueen,
Executive director,
Centre Wellington Food Bank