‘2020 vision’

Dear Editor:

Here is a New Year’s message for all of us to ponder, entitled 2020 Vision.

Pondering the numerical meaning of this “Master Builder” new year,

It is the same we give to vision – meaning, it is “good and clear”.

When you look into “your vision” of 2020,What is it you see?

Is it the same old troubled Earth,

Or a world with peace and harmony?

Let’s not anxiously rush to and fro in the way of manic mad hatters;

But let us focus sharply on what really truly matters.

It’s insane and utterly senseless to keep repeating our mistakes.

Let’s seek within for our solutions. Indeed, that is all it takes.

Let us master being kind-hearted. Let us master being reflective.

It helps to view ourselves and life from a higher, broader perspective.

At the end of the proverbial tunnel shines a bright and guiding light.

It’s not far off in the distance. It is clearly within our near sight.

May eternal love and gratitude be at the top of our list.

A warm, open hand serves better than a cold, tightly-clenched fist.

We are, all of us, master builders, with great power and ability

To turn our lofty dreams into concrete reality.

Start the year with 2020 vision,

And dare to look deep within.

When resolving to make a difference, this is how we must begin.

Sandra Owen,