Learn about no till soybeans and alfalfa-fueled corn at EFAO event taking place at 3Gen Organics

WALLENSTEIN – The Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario and Living-Lab Ontario researcher Brett Israel of 3Gen Organics  are inviting the public to join them from from 5 to 8pm on Aug. 17 to explore developments in Israel’s reduced tillage field crop trials. 

Israel has been trialing different systems to reduce tillage in corn and soy, with economic and environmental benefits. Join to learn how double-cropping soybeans with winter barley and cereal rye and using alfalfa to fertilize corn is impacting yields and soil health.

Dinner is available for cash purchase at the event; indicate interest in purchasing during event registration at www.eventbrite.com/e/no-till-organic-soybeans-and-alfalfa-fueled-corn-tickets-389670203067.