Leaders of Today exhibit offered at St. Joseph Catholic School in Guelph

GUELPH – A pilot program called Leaders of Today is providing a class of Grade 8 students at St. Joseph Catholic School, the chance to share stories about the community in which they live and the issues that matter to them.

Kavya Yoganathan, a local digital storyteller and media artist, saw the need to create a space for diverse youth in her community to come together and share stories through the powerful medium of film and photography.

This program enhances the artistic skills that many young people already engage with on a daily basis to highlight the personal and community social justice potential of these mediums.

Piloting in St. Joseph Catholic School, Yoganathan has great hopes of gaining funding to move Leaders of Today into classrooms across the city, officials say.

Grade 8 class at St. Joseph in Guelph invites the public to their exhibit on Dec. 4, from 5 to 7pm where they will be showcasing photography of the change these students wish to see in their community.