Kyle Gemin sentenced to life in prison for murdering grandfather

Former Belwood resident to remain behind bars for 15 years before parole eligibility

GUELPH – Former Belwood resident Kyle Gemin has been handed a life sentence for murdering his 74-year-old grandfather George Gemin in 2020.

He will serve 15 years in a federal prison before he’s eligible for release on parole.

Superior Court Justice Gordon Lemon announced Gemin’s sentence in Guelph court on Dec. 15.

The Parole Board of Canada will determine if Gemin is in fact later granted parole and released to serve his sentence beyond prison walls.

The Crown suggested 17 years before Gemin should be eligible for parole, and the defence suggested the minimum of 10 years. The maximum period without parole eligibility in this case is 25 years.

A jury convicted Gemin of second degree murder following a trial that began on Sept. 11 and ended Oct. 19.

The crime comes with a minimum life sentence, but the court can determine how many years will be served before an offender become eligible for parole.

Nine of the jurors suggested Gemin should serve 20 years before being eligible for parole, one juror suggested 25 years, another 10 years, and a single juror made no recommendation.

“The events in this case are largely undisputed,” Lemon told court last week.

“Mr. Gemin admitted, in detail, what he had done to his grandfather. The acts are horrendous; the jury found an intent to kill.”

Family members were left to clean the bloodied house where the elder Gemin lived and died, Lemon noted.

The judge spoke about victim impact statements, saying the family did “their best to describe the indescribable loss of their beloved family member.”

“Clearly, George Gemin was an exceptional man,” Lemon remarked.

“The offence was senseless, and as I have found, without explanation.”

Though Lemon admitted to not knowing enough about Gemin or his chances of rehabilitation, the judge said he has little optimism.

“There is no indication of remorse in this case,” he said.