Kinette club set to replace Drayton playground

DRAYTON – The Kinette Club of Drayton is working towards replacing a community playground, and Mapleton council will provide $9,950 towards the initiative.

Kinette Club representatives Gina Dobben and Erica Klassen submitted a proposal to council that the “dilapidated playground structure by the ‘B’ diamond in Drayton” be replaced. 

And during the council meeting on April 30, public works director Jamie Morgan said he agrees the existing playground “is in pretty rough shape.

“It’s in need of immediate replacement [and is] in a vital area,” Morgan said. “So the quicker we can move this along, the better.” 

“This playground is located nicely for children who may be at one of the two nearby soccer fields, ball diamond, basketball court or skate park,” the proposal states. 

And “While the park was loved previously, it has become not only an eyesore, but a danger.” 

The club submitted estimates for climbing structures, slides and swing sets from Jambette playground manufacturers.  

The total cost of the playground replacement is expected to be around $30,000.

And the club will fundraise and contribute its own funds to help cover the costs. 

Financial support from the township will come from its 50/50 project fund: the $4,950 remaining in the fund for 2024, and an additional $5,000 from the 2025 50/50 project fund.

The existing playground was installed by the original Kinette Club of Drayton, Dobben noted, and she said it feels good for current club members to follow in their predecessors’ footsteps. 

Councillor Michael Martin said he loves the idea of supporting the club in replacing the playground. 

“Your club’s always been super supportive of any sort of recreational type structures and amenities locally,” he said. 

The last time the Drayton Kinette club partnered with Mapleton council was to install the splash pad at ABC Park six years ago, a project Dobben said was on a much larger scale than the ‘B’ diamond playground replacement. 

Martin said he thinks the club has chosen another great project to take on.

“I know my boys kind of grew up on that structure in their early years with soccer and baseball and stuff, and it still gets a fair amount of hang time I think, despite its shape,” he said.

“I do think it’s a structure that gets good use, even though there’s other structures around in the vicinity. With the ‘B’ diamond upgrades we do get more traffic on that side of the park. I think it’s a great idea.”  

Kinette officials are confident that “replacing the playground structure will provide recreational opportunities for athletes and their families alike for years to come.” 

Mayor Gregg Davidson invited the club to work with Mapleton recreation manager Amy Grose to explore other funding opportunities for the park.