Kat shares details of Italian trip with seniors

CLIFFORD – Seniors’ Centre for Excellence administrative assistant Carmela Ieropoli welcomed 45 seniors to the luncheon program on Aug. 16 at Knox United Church.

Donna Gingrich served a summer picnic lunch with the help of VON representative Stephanie Warner and volunteer Mary Cain.

Joann (Loos) Kat, a former Clifford resident, shared photos and memories of Italy starting in Venice where  Gondolas careen the water ways, flowers adorn balconies, Venetian masks are popular, beautiful mosaics showcase artisans’ talents, and a statue of Juliet of Romeo and Juliet fame attracts tourists. 

Florence is famous for its wine country, quaint buildings and irresistible beautiful jewelry. With her daughter Regan’s influence, they were granted access on a private winery tour in the ancestral home of Mona Lisa. In the fortress city, they ate gelato. Later, they saw how the hot springs in the mountains opened to a beach-like atmosphere with a sensational view. 

In Rome, the Coliseum is a reminder of victorious conquests and gladiators. Vatican City is a city unto its own and the heart of Roman Catholicism. Kat noted that her photos of the masters’ art work alone would fill an afternoon. 

Kat and her husband Richard renewed their vows in front of the Trevi fountain.

The next Clifford luncheon will be Sept. 20 with a presentation on getting the most from your health care appointment.