July 1st is fast approaching

There have already been a few events in Wellington County to recognize Canada’s pending birthday on July 1st this year.

At that time our relatively young country will celebrate 150 years of history and culture.

The splendour of Canada is something most of us take for granted. Along with marvelous views and scenery that rivals any masterpiece, there is the fabric of Canada: its people.

From indigenous people to the first settlers arriving from Europe, then from all across the globe, Canada means different things to different people. For many it may be opportunity to avoid religious persecution, wide-open spaces compared to over-crowded or poorer countries, or just a chance to live free.

In the various positions we have held over the years, the opportunity to see Canada has been a great experience. This added a perspective to numerous road trips our parents took the family on most summers. What becomes clear is the enormity and truly neat things that the country has to offer.

Whether it be the red sandy soil of PEI or the sight of a lobster fisherman setting cages into the ocean with a black lab looking on, speaking primary school French in Quebec for the first time or a train ride through northern Ontario – they all add up to memories that last a lifetime. Perhaps more important though, is it drives home the importance of celebrating differences rather than dwelling on them or seeing diversity as a negative. The common link remains Canada.

Locals are already getting ready. Between individual citizens, municipalities and service clubs, work is underway to do something special to commemorate the occasion.

Canadians, being who we are, will probably take the holiday in stride, but we hope for better.

We will be publishing a special souvenir edition later this spring as our way of celebrating and documenting this event for future generations. As it stands now, many of the sources for what happened in 1867 and 1967 are no longer publishing – a point we recognize and appreciate. It’s up to us and members of the community to do something special.

One sneak peek into this edition will be the introduction of 150 things to do in Centre Wellington. Tourism and communications staff members are working closely with us to pull an exciting summer together for families and guests.

When you sit down and make a list, there are literally hundreds of reasons this community is so great. Between festivals, walking trails and natural features, readers will be kept busy until the end of 2017.

Please contact our editor (editor@wellingtonadvertiser.com) with ideas or events.

We would also like to hear from families that have called Wellington home since 1867.