James Dick Construction now owns Puslinch pit/quarry site

ABERFOYLE – James Dick Construction may soon be setting up operations in a long-dormant pit/quarry operation in Puslinch.

Councillor Matthew Bulmer noted at the Nov. 21 council meeting there is a new gravel operator in the township.

“James Dick Construction has taken over the old Domtar site now called Glen Christie,” Bulmer said.

“That pit has been dormant as long as I can remember – it is a quarry.”

However, Bulmer could not tell from the report if the company had started blasting. He suggested sending a letter to James Dick asking if they could send letters to nearby residents advising when operations would commence.

He added a forewarning to local residents is not asking a lot from the company.

Mayor Dennis Lever confirmed the Glen Christie site has been taken over by James Dick Construction, adding, “The licence is actually for a pit and a quarry.”

Lever explained the site is behind the recently-approved TriCity pit on the boundary of Puslinch and Guelph-Eramosa.

The exit to the pit will be on Wellington Road 124 in Guelph-Eramosa.

Lever said, “I think it would be in their best interest to contact the local neighbours to let them know what was going on; the planning and the time frame.”

He suggested that because the company has put in a new scale house, things might be coming along quickly.

Lever also notified the county’s finance department to ensure MPAC was aware of the change of activity on the site.