IT update at pool to improve communication

KENILWORTH – On July 8, Wellington North council approved proposed IT works recommended as a Pool Facility Communication Tool Requirement.

Township staff were directed to incorporate the proposed IT works into the previously-approved 2019 IT initiatives capital program, and fund the project via the Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve.

A report by director of finance Adam McNabb reviewed the technology requirement for the pools and stated that having landlines at the pools is a legislated requirement for emergency 911 purposes.

He added that with increased reliance on internet technologies for communication across the township, there is a need to have information technology tools at pool facilities in Arthur and Mount Forest.

Councillor McCabe asked if this change would facilitate on-line payments or bookings at the sports facilities.

CAO Mike Givens clarified the recommendation only affected the pool facilities in the township.

From an online payment/reciept standpoint, Givens noted there are measures in place to allow the township to receive email transfers.

“We are constantly on the lookout for software packages which would enable the municipality to enhance services.”

McCabe commented his question arose from a later report in the meeting which referred to electronic fund capabilities for the township.

That report by McNabb recommended the township endorse the finance department proceeding with the implementation of EFT, and fraud detection solutions within the township.

His report stated the introduction of an electronic funds transfer system would introduce several benefits including:

– Save time and improve productivity with an easy to use system.

– Simplify the accounts payable process by sending payment electronically, saving time and hard costs associated with postage and cheque stock.

– Reduce inquiries directed to the accounts payable team – vendors receive payment and supporting remittance information at the same time.

– Reduce the chance of fraud by decreasing or eliminating the use of cheques.

– Enhance trading partner relationships by offering innovative solutions and timely invoice payments.