It too passed

Sunday night residents of Wellington and neighbouring counties got a taste of winter that hasn’t been seen for some time.

Our best recollection is the last winter storm as vicious as this one was back in 2003 when road closures forced many to seek temporary shelter. The whiteouts were incredible in that event too.

Such times bring out the best in most people: courtesy, concern for fellow travelers and, of course, the unsung heroes who do their best to keep people safe – from plow operators to emergency service providers.

Like much in life, there is little help for stupid. It’s not a nice word, but how else does one explain people who pass other vehicles in whiteout conditions. Or for that matter, those who ignore road closed signs. Grey and Wellington OPP issued 15 tickets to drivers on closed roads. 

When the storm was at its worst, numerous municipalities pulled snowplows from the roads – and with little wonder. Prior to closures we witnessed the conditions first hand coming from Orangeville back home and the visibility was nil in some spots.

Monday was not much better. Schools were closed and many employees were encouraged to stay home if there was any risk getting to work. As the winds blew and kept blowing, thoughts began to emerge about whether the storm would end in time for the next day to be back to normal.

The storm passed as it eventually does.