Hydrant flow test in Fergus on March 5

FERGUS – Centre Wellington’s water department will conduct a flow test at the hydrant located at Farley Road, near Beatty Line, here on March 5 at 10am.

Township officials say that due to the nature of this testing, neighbouring residents may experience discoloured water.   

The discolouration is caused from iron and manganese that are naturally occurring in the groundwater.  When the mains are flushed or there is a change in pressure, minerals that have settled in the system can be stirred up.

“Staff will continue to monitor water quality throughout this period,” officials say.

Residents are urged run the cold water tap nearest to the water meter for several minutes until it runs clear.  If after 24 hours, the water is still discoloured, call 519-846-9691 – option #2.

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