How to protect your vehicle’s paint job

Drivers go to great lengths to ensure what’s under the hood of their vehicles is well taken care of. But it’s equally beneficial to tend to the exterior of a vehicle, including its paint job.

According to Popular Mechanics, oxidation can adversely affect iron-based metals. 

That can put vehicles in jeopardy and take significant time off their life expectancy. 

The good news is that rust and other issues that can affect a vehicle’s paint job and appearance are typically avoidable. 

That should be music to the ears of new vehicle owners, who likely need no reminder of the sizable financial investment required to drive off the lot with a fresh set of wheels. 

Drivers who want their cars and trucks to maintain their looks over the long haul can consider these simple strategies to protect their paint jobs.

Make car washes part of vehicle maintenance routine

Seasoned drivers are undoubtedly familiar with the conventional wisdom surrounding oil change intervals, but those same motorists may not recognize the importance of routine car washes. 

Over time, contaminants such as pollen, dust and pollution can settle on a vehicle’s exterior, potentially jeopardizing the paint job. Routine car washes can prevent such damage and help a car look like it was just driven off the lot.

Wax your vehicle

The automotive experts at Carfax report that waxing is a significant and simple way to protect vehicle paint. 

Carfax notes that certain paste waxes contain mild abrasives that help remove fine scratches from painted surfaces. 

Wax also can protect paint jobs from fading related to exposure to ultraviolet rays. That’s especially noteworthy for drivers who do not routinely park their cars in a garage.

Use a car cover  

Car covers may or may not be practical for cars drivers use every day, but they are an effective way to protect a paint job from the elements. 

Drivers who have a spare car they rarely drive or even those who do not drive their primary vehicle a lot each day can purchase a universal-fit car cover or a premium cover designed specifically for their vehicles. 

Car covers protect paint jobs from ultraviolet rays and the elements and may reduce the need for more frequent trips to the car wash.

Park in the shade, but choose spots wisely

Parking in the shade may protect vehicles from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, but it’s important that drivers pick the right shady spot to park their cars and trucks. 

A shade tree might seem like a great ally to vehicle owners, but if birds nest or rest in the tree, drivers could be exposing their cars to bird droppings. 

That’s no small threat, as bird droppings are high in uric acid, which quickly damage a vehicle’s exterior. 

Parking directly beneath a tree also might expose the paint job to sap or fallen leaves or berries, each of which can adversely vehicle exteriors. 

If you plan to park in the shade to protect the paint job, ideally choose a spot that is not directly beneath the tree.

A well-maintained paint job can improve the appearance and life expectancy of a vehicle, which is something drivers should keep in mind as they hope to get the most out of their automotive investment.

– Metro Creative