Horticultural Society holds spring flower show

President Vic Palmer welcomed over 40 people to the Clifford and District Horticultural Society spring flower show on May 24 at the community hall in Clifford.

Guest speaker Beverley Stableforth of Creemore spoke on one of her passions – herbs. She gained an early appreciation for all things herbal from her grandmother, a herbalist in England. Ancient herbal remedies for cleansing and healing the body continue to be practiced today with many rooted in native culture.

Herbs are classified by colour and texture and trees are included in the list. Willow bark tea can soothe a headache and thyme tea makes a good body cleanser.

Be cautious when using herbal remedies not to interfere with existing health conditions, she advised.

In the kitchen, she said turmeric is amazing, oregano is potent, and a hint of mint makes a salad fragrant and delicious. As people leave the farm and head to apartment living, they can scale down their garden to a balcony-sized herb planter.

She brought along a pot of herbs that held essentials for cooking and cleansing. She feels most people tend to cook what they know, but suggested experimenting and be surprised with the variety of tastes herbs have to offer. Stableforth prepared a loaf of herb infused foccacia bread and lemon hummus to share with everyone after the meeting.

Over 180 exhibits were entered in the flower show. Marion Derbecker earned the judge’s best in show as her bouquet of tulips best represented a feeling of spring.

Ethel Weber shared the prizes for tulips, narcissus, and spring flowers with Marion Derbecker. Ethel Weber earned the most points in potted plants. Jean Yenssen won the most points in designs.

Barb Harris had the most points in the photography section. Jean Yenssen won first in the executive special “Dead and Alive” with Ethel Weber winning second.

Vic Palmer invited everyone to take home the Newsletter reporting on past and upcoming events. He expressed appreciation to canvassers who pushed the membership total close to 300.

The convention will be held July 29 to 31 in Kitchener.

Raffle prizes were won by Helen Braun, Joy Burnett, Bonnie Whitehead, Esther Hallman, Elsie Grummett, Georgie Hutchison, and Elisabeth Kuersten.

A light luncheon was prepared by Arthena Underwood, Joy Burnett, Janet Huth and Marion Derbecker.

The summer flower show will be held in August with guest speaker Murray Garrett and a presentation on Africa.