Homes evacuated, road closed after natural gas leak

ABERFOYLE – Several homes here were evacuated on June 19 as a natural gas leak forced the closure of Brock Road from Wellington Road 34 to McLean Road.

At times, eastbound traffic on Wellington Road 34 was backed up from the Hanlon Expressway to Brock Road.

That afternoon, Puslinch Fire and Rescue Chief Luis Gomes provided an update to members of council and residents at the township administration office.

Gomes said the leak occurred at about 4:15pm in front of 73 Brock Road, near the Aberfoyle Mill, during reconstruction work on Brock Road.

Gomes noted the homes closest to the incident were evacuated – “essentially the Aberfoyle Mill and some of the homes nearby,” as well as a catering business across the road.

Parents expressed concerned about students still at nearby Aberfoyle Public School, but Gomes noted people could still walk out from the area and firefighters were working to limit potential sources of ignition.

“We feel the students are safe contained within the school,” he said.

Councillor Matthew Bulmer said he felt terrible for parents worried about their children.

Gomes said telephones in the school were operational; “communications are there for people who need to know.”

By the end of the township council meeting at 11pm, Gomes provided another update, noting Brock Road was still closed and the barricades in place, as workers tried to find an apparent second break.

At that point the issue was primarily in the hands of Enbridge and Union Gas, with the fire department on scene in case something happened, Gomes said.

When asked how long the road would remain closed, Gomes responded, “Two to three hours ago I was told the road would reopen in two to three hours.”

By 6:15am on June 20, OPP Constable Josh Cuningham reported on social media the road was “reopened open for the morning commute.”