Historical display in Clifford storefront

CLIFFORD – The Town of Minto Cultural Roundtable showed interest in having each community set up historical displays throughout the town for the summer. 

Thanks to Terry Birch, the storefront located at 23 Elora Street North was transformed into a showcase of historical treasures of Clifford.

The Clifford and District Historical Society does exist in this community, although the membership now is limited to one. There is a modest bank account and a key to a display case shelving unit at the entrance to the library/clinic dedicated to the society. There are boxes crammed with photos, papers, documents, memorabilia, sport uniforms, officer uniforms, pennants, knick knacks of the 1900s, and interesting tidbits that you could only find in a small community. Those boxes were opened and the items on display reveal the treasures stored beneath the lids.

Georgia Taylor wrote an interesting book for the Centennial Historical Sketches of Clifford 1855 to 1967 celebrating the good old days of Clifford.

In 2012, Ray Schaus had his compiled works published, Clifford, a Scrapbook of Memories … Reveals a Village With a Past filled with 346 pages of chronologically-sorted facts and photos dating back to the earliest days of the region. Call him at 519-327-8696 to purchase a copy for $35.

In October, a story telling event will be held in Clifford.